Official TedX Champs Elysee Women Coach November 2016

 Official TedX Monaco November coach

Casted and coached 100 + speakers for Stand up for passion Tokyo, NY, London

Everybody has a great story. Everybody has an inspirational passion. Everybody is capable of brining these things together in a high impact and emotionally engaging way. Whether you're a CEO who has given multiple presentations, or you've never stood in front of a crowd in your life, Arnaud's coaching will aid you in removing the barriers that hold you back and take your public speaking to the next level. 

Arnaud's sessions are fun, challenging and incredibly effective. His methods draw from his experience as a stand up comedian and entertainer, as well as from years of coaching speakers at successful event series, and he is a firm believer in the inherent power of story to craft the most effective and entertaining speeches. His sense of humor, his ability to communicate with all kinds of people, and his knack for finding and building upon the kernel of truth in each story makes for a fun, intense and highly effective training platform.

Working with Arnaud will help you find your story, and express yourself in a passionate, authentic, meaningful and engaging way. 

Your personal and unique narrative is the most powerful tool for good public speaking, and working with Arnaud will not just help you to gain (or solidify) the techniques of a great speech, but help you to manifest a completely unique, engaging performance from a place of truth, passion and honesty. He has helped hundreds of clients to develop their stories, to find the kernels of truth that make for the most impactful and effective performance, reduce anxiety and make public speaking FUN. 

Benefits Include:

  • Build on your story to speak with integrity and passion
  • Find the humor and light in your story and learn how to use it effectively
  • Form and mold your narrative into a high impact experience
  • Gain confidence and feel at home speaking in front of a crowd
  • Learn/sharpen communication techniques and timing
  • Intensive deep work to communicate with emotional clarity

See Arnaud in action...

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