Arnaud's happiness and passion based team building sessions are fun, revelatory, and do exactly what they say they do - build your team from the emotions on up. Every individual has a story, and teams are stronger when their stories merge.

Team building services are tailored to each client and include “mood engineering” strategy sessions, workshops and retreats rooted in the science and practice of happiness and passion. Arnaud's methods are rooted in improvisation techniques, and “Socratic” dialogue, allowing participants to be fully engaged and understood.

Your team will emerge from these sessions with renewed focus, stronger personal and professional bonds, more energy and increased passion for their work and for one another.  The results of this work are immediate and tangible. Your staff will emerge with a set of concrete tools and skills to carry what they’ve learned forward into the future, and will have fun doing it. Workshops and retreats range from 20 minute individual sessions to full-day (or longer) workshops and retreats.

All team-building services are designed to  rapidly create happiness, productivity and bonding between participants. The goal is to create quick in-grouping and inject trust into team. Your team is guaranteed to be happier and more productive for the 6 months following their session. You'll notice a huge difference - everyone will have more faith and trust in their leaders, management and colleagues, and employees will be generally more content, as well as more excited about their work. Team-building is an intense emotional journey from pure joy, improv and play, to deep sharing, exposing vulnerability among participants. Workshop participants delve deep into gratitude, self-awareness and appreciation of others, working through any conflicts and challenges that may exist within a team.

Past clients include The United Nations, Cartier Miami, Chanel Nyc, Novartis Saudi Arabia, Young President Association Venezuel, Aruba Government, Kalabesh Jordania, World Economic Forum- Mena, Qatar.



Confidential one-on-one sessions

Individual (confidential) coaching sessions. Identify issues, provide tools which to solve them.

Happiness team-building workshops

These group sessions are rooted in improvisation exercises, designed to rapidly strengthen the between employees and their company. Tools to recognize and expand upon the creativity of your employees, rooted in your unique culture.

Purpose, Passion, Public Speaking

Individual or group workshops to channel employees’s passions and increase happiness. Tailored exercises will help your employees to become stronger, more effective public speakers, while learning to relate more effectively with their colleagues. During these sessions insights are shared, commonalities are built upon, and a stronger, happier and more focused office culture is created.

Diversity-based culture shaping

Work with management and employees to capitalize on cultural diversity, build tolerance and foster understanding across cultural and gender divides.