Public Speaking Tips.

How to speak like a #boss. Public speaking tips from Arnaud Collery.

Public Speaking is a skill, an art and method that can transform you and the audience IF done well. Here's everything you need to know to speak like a boss. 

Intention: You need to have a strong intention when you speak. You have to fully believe in the higher purpose that your speech inherently has within it, which is the way that it will affect the audience. A speaker who speaks for selfish reasons will never be great. To be great you have to begin speaking with the clear intention of communicating a specific message for your audience’s benefit.

Audience: You have to know your audience- male, female, age, background etc.- what are their intentions for coming to listen to you? You also have to do your research and know the other speakers presenting before and after you. How do you fit into the audience’s experience as a whole? Know this before you begin. Successful public speaking is not about teaching, it is about sharing and having a conversation.

Space: You need to get in the zone before you speak by taking a moment of space. Whether this is in the green room or the toilet, I don’t care- but you need to take a moment before going on stage to release all of your tensions. This way when you go on stage you can be raw because everything else was stripped away. I take a moment of space by boxing; others meditate, take a quick walk outside, or look at themselves in a mirror. Whatever it is you need to do, do something and find your personal mantra. Once you figure this out, you need to do it every single time before you speak so that it becomes something you trust and your friend.

Pause: On stage, you NEED to take a beat before you speak. This is un-negotiably necessary. Take a second, connect to the ground, connect to the people, indulge in a moment of silence, and then begin. This beat is crucial to form a connection with the audience, and from my experience any speaker who fails to do this will fail to fully engage their listeners. You have to trust in your ability to connect with people. The best way to be sure that you connect with your audience is to look at one or two people in the room that you already have a connection with, it’s best if they are close friends, and this will ground you.

Dynamics: Project at the beginning of the speech and finish strong again at the end. During the bulk of the speech in the middle the primary way to stay connected to your audience is to use time and moments of silence to your advantage. Accelerate to build excitement and slow down to allow for processing and digesting. Most of all, do not be afraid of the silence because it is a language as well. Gauge the energy of the audience and use timing and silence accordingly.

Practice: Public speaking is like learning a new language and the goal is to become fluent in it. As it is with so many other things in life, fluency can only be achieved with time and practice. In my opinion you have to speak in front of an audience at least 100 times over the course of 2-3 years (or maybe 6 months if you really cram it in) in order to become fluent. Hiring a coach will accelerate the process of course.

Authenticity: You have to be authentic. I am a passionate French guy and as much as I would like to be a grounded American with a super big voice, I can’t. You have to be yourself and use what you do best. Commanding an audience has nothing to do with testosterone, confidence, and a loud voice, it is about being real and vulnerable on stage. Feminine women can and should use their femininity and it will be powerful. A shy person with a beautiful story will do better than a confident person with a bad story, as long as they are brave enough to tell it. Great speaking is all about your desire to give and connect.

Comedy: Humor is a crucial aspect of any successful speech. Why? Because everyone wants to be entertained and comedy does just that. You need to include a minimum of one joke per speech and it is important to laugh at yourself. Self-deprecation and humor are not about acting and putting on a show, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Comedy will show your listeners that you are real, and you will become someone who is relatable. No matter who you are or what story you are telling, you are human and so is your audience.

Arnaud Collery has been coaching over 200 + individuals for public coaching in NY, Tokyo, Paris and LA. His speakers include: all speakers of, Fortune 500 executives, TedX speakers, entrepreneurs, adventurers and artists.  He has been speaking and performing on stage over 1000 +  times either as an award winning stand up comedian, lecturer on creativity/happiness/passion and Emcee. He has been a speaker in 20 + countries including TedX Aruba, World Economic Forum Global Shapers Qatar, YPO Caracas.  He also directed hundreds of actors as an award winning independent film director (Monaco Charity Film Festival 2012: Best comedy film) and taught improvisation across the world. 

He is available for one to one or group public speaking coaching for individuals and organizations. See my TedX on being a "Chief Happiness Officer"