Arnaud has long been fascinated by Happiness and its transformative power in all sectors of life. All humans want to be happy - it's how we're built - and now science has caught up. A huge body of evidence tells us that happy is literally better. Happy people and organizations are far more successful than unhappy ones, and Arnaud has created a highly effective methodology to allow happiness to bloom and thrive at both the individual and corporate levels. He calls the person who fosters this change a CHO - a Chief Happiness Officer, a human being who has the tools to transform themselves, their environment, those around them for the happier.  Arnaud coined the term to describe the person who leads others on a path to happiness, whether one-on-one or in a group, but the truth is, armed with the right knowledge and tools, anybody can learn to be a CHO. You can even be your own personal CHO, you just need to know the steps and tools that can lead you to happiness and success!

Arnaud offers unique and effective happiness services for organizations seeking to instill and expand happiness in their culture. He's worked with over 3,000 employees worldwide and has seen incredible results in industries from Non-Profits to the Technology Industry. No organization is too large or too small for CHO consulting, and the benefits are truly life changing for employees and management alike.

Arnaud uses the term "CHO" to describe a person who fills modern society's deep need for happiness. He believes that happiness is the key to just about everything - and that with the right tools and knowledge, it's absolutely attainable for all. He acts as a CHO to major multinational corporations, individuals and teams across the world. He's taught his CHO methods to individuals and companies, and has seen incredible transformative results across the board.

The revolutionary idea of the Chief Happiness Officer is a way of thinking, acting, empowering your staff, a way of changing your culture for the better from within, enabling happiness to grow from the inside. Happy employees are better employees. Period. 

CHO training programs will provide your existing staff all the practical, day to day skills needed to bring employees into alignment with your goals: fostering a healthy and happy work environment. The CHO acts as cheerleader, as liaison, as confidante, and provides tools, guidance and expert advice to make your culture happier. 


What is a CHO?

A Chief Happiness Officer, just like a Chief Financial Officer, is tasked with increasing the solvency of an organization's happiness. A CHO is the liaison between management and employees in matters of mood, culture and communication, building the tools to create a happy workplace, and then monitoring and tweaking as needed to maintain and grow the happiness of employees and management alike. This work is invaluable for any organization and you will see immediate results. The CHO's job is to create an environment of contagious happiness from the inside

Why do we need a CHO?

Effective team-building and leadership comes from within, and a happy organization is a successful organization.

A  growing body of scientific research is proving that happiness vital to employee satisfaction and has a profound impact on the health and productivity of that organization. 

  • Happiness = productivity: Happy employees are 12% more productive and effective than unhappy ones. (University of Warwick)
  • Employee Satisfaction is low: 70% of U.S. workers are either “unhappy at work or are completely disengaged”. Most cited management who failed to cultivate growth and ignored their employees’ talents. (Gallup) 
  • According to leading consultants in the field, a strong sense of community is key to employee success and productivity. 
  • Millennials value a “happy” and relaxed employment environment over all other traditional benchmarks of success. They opt for joy at work over benefits, salary, even prestige. (Forbes)
  • Workers rank support from management as key to their happiness at work. They want to be coached, not “managed”, and highly value being part of a team. (Gallup)

The process

Arnaud's highly tailored approach ensures that each client gets only what they need, when they need it. Every organization is different, every culture is different, every client's needs are different. There is no one size fits all approach to developing a successful CHO coaching program.  From the initial intake session for the duration of your work together, each CHO program is custom-tailored for your specific needs, ensuring maximal happiness and growth. This lean and interactive method ensures that each CHO program is nimble enough to change rapidly with your needs. 

Initial intake and deep engagement

Using techniques of deep engagement and cultural analysis, Arnaud starts by engaging with you and your team, getting to know your culture, what drives your people and what they're passionate about. He then builds a series of recommendations and a concrete program for you and your employees.


Armed with knowledge about who you (as a whole and as individuals) are and what makes you tick, Arnaud implements the program he's designed for you. He uses proven processes to help your organization unearth and grow its happiness potential. 

CHO training and consulting includes team building, cultural diversity training, individualized coaching, storytelling and humor to foster a happy and healthy environment. Arnaud will work directly with you and your employees in an intimate and fun way, with regular sessions to build a foundation of happiness.


The CHO's Mission is to:

• Create a happiness-driven workplace
• Make sure all employees feel valued and trusted
• Foster professional development
• Reduce stress
• Act as a link between management and employees, especially in matters of mood and retention


The CHO toolbox includes:

• Team-building through exercises
• Positive psychology techniques
• Regular happiness check-ins updates
• Foster communication and inclusion
• Actively shape organization culture
• Proactive morale boosting
• Peer-based confidence coaching




You'll see immediate increases in employee creativity and productivity, increased involvement/buy-in, improvement in culture, and happiness and passion in your workforce.